Do you know which countries Pakistanis opted for nationalities since 2011?


As many as 12,291 Pakistanis preferred foreign nationalities over Pakistani citizenship during the last five years, reveals data about immigration trends of Pakistanis.

According to a report in The News, Germany remained the most favorite country of Pakistanis as 4,780 individuals got immigrated to this European country having a strong economy and a safe environment.

“Although Pakistan was in the list of Time magazine’s famous story of 12th April 2014 issue, titling, “9 Countries That Hate America Most,” but the same country (USA) which is also Pakistan’s strategic ally and a partner of ongoing “war on terror” remained the third most immigrated country for which 1,125 Pakistanis denunciated the citizenship of their birth land. During these five years only 7 American nationals left their citizenship and got the Pakistani Citizenship Certificate,” reports journalist Azaz Syed.

Also check out this report according to which 8.5 million Pakistanis have processed for employment abroad since 1971 and most of them for Saudi Arabia.