Five Muslim countries together fail to catch up India in Google Scholar Citations


As many as five Muslim countries together including Pakistan and Malaysia have failed to catch up with India vis-à-vis Google Scholar Citations by their respective universities.

The collective citations by universities of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia are 1,680,761 while India’s alone scholar citations are 1,873,659.

Similarly the collective number of universities finding place among 2,000 top universities of the world from these Muslim countries is 86 against India’s alone 101 universities!


As many as 12 Pakistani universities/ institutes have found place among 2,000 top universities in terms of Google Scholar Citations in a ranking done by  Webometrics Ranking of World Universities—an initiative of the Cybermetrics Lab of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas—Spain’s largest public research body.

Aga Khan University (AKU), a private university, has been ranked top in Pakistan on the basis of Google Scholar Citations. However the university’s global ranking on this basis is 892 out of 2000 with 35,082 citations.

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia has only 13 universities in the ranking with King Abdullah University of Science & Technology 148th position having 223,614 citations.

The neighboring India has 101 universities/ institutes in the list with its top Indian Institute of Science Bangalore on the 420th position globally having 99,171 citations.

According to the Ranking Web or Webometrics it “is the largest academic ranking of Higher Education Institutions. Since 2004 and every six months an independent, objective, free, open scientific exercise is performed by the Cybermetrics Lab (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) for the providing reliable, multidimensional, updated and useful information about the performance of universities from all over the world based on their web presence and impact.

The question is: Are we, especially Pakistan, lagging behind in research or we only lack web presence?

What is Google Scholar Citations?

Iran has 34 universities in the list with its top Tehran University of Medical Sciences on the 606th position globally having 64,680 citations.

The complete list of ranking of top 2000 universities of the world on the basis of Google Scholar Citations is available here.



Main photo: Makin Research Center