Over 80,000 people and US$ 106.98 billion cost Pakistan for war on terror


While Pakistan faced a human loss of over 80,000 people it also incurred, direct and indirect, loss amounted to US$ 106.98 billion (Rs. 8,702.75 billion) as an ‘impact of war in Afghanistan and ensuing terrorism’.

According to Pakistan Economic Survey 2014-15, the fiscal year 2010-11 proved worst in terms of loss as the country incurred a loss of US$ 23.77 billion. The second worst year was 2009-10 when Pakistan incurred a loss of US$ 13.56 billion.



The survey reads “The conflict and instability in Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks and their regional implications had very negative repercussions, for the years following the US invasion of Afghanistan not only saw a huge influx of Afghan refugees across the border into Pakistan but also witnessed a sudden spike in the frequency and scale of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. The cumulative impact of these developments adversely impacted the overall growth rate in all major sectors of the economy.”


Main photo: Dawn.com