Pakistan’s bureaus of statistics


By Khalid Khattak

While three of the four provincial bureaus of statistics in Pakistan are rich in terms of availability of statistical information and data, one that of Balochistan government does not have a dedicated website for its Bureau of Statistics.

Though most of these datasets at all the bureaus are locked in PDF files, yet these credible data sources can’t be ignored as they carry vital information which journalists can use in their stories and data enthusiasts for data literacy and for their projects.



A quick comparison reveals that Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Bureau of Statistics carries latest statistical information about the province and this evident as KP is the only province, so far, which has made available Development Statistics of the province for the year 2016. KP is followed by Punjab and Sindh while Balochistan government does not have a dedicated website and the government’s main portal carries some datasets.

The country’s central statistical bureau, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is another source of important datasets.