17 key traits of data literacy explained


DS Report

In the wake of ever increasing availability of data, data literacy has become one of the crucial skills for journalists. While it is largely defined as one’s ability to “read, understand, create and communicate data as information”, Ben Jones while collaborating with a number of industry thought-leaders has come up with interesting 17 key traits of data literacy.

While defining basic elements of data, Ben writes that beyond merely being able to identify data types a data literate person “also understands what can and can’t be done with them in analysis and visualization.”

The 17 key traits of data literacy released in the form of an e-book, recently, are supported by thought provoking quotes by some of the best in the field.

One such quote by Cheryl Phillips reads: “Anyone who has worked with data knows that it doesn’t all come in pristine form. For this reason, a data literate person needs to learn how to handle data that needs some work, or that doesn’t even exist in a data form and needs to be gathered. This is often missed, but it’s one of the key points in becoming data literate.”

Since we have access to the e-book and can pick and share any interesting trait of data literacy and the quotes mentioned in the book, we want you to grab your own copy and enjoy this wonderful resource on data literacy. You can get a free copy here.