Pakistan contributes the most in Careem’s global 1 billion rides


Data Stories Report

Careem, the region’s leading multi-service platform, has announced the achievement of the milestone of completing one billion rides with Pakistan contributing the most–299 million rides.

Careem Captains have driven over 9 billion kilometres across more than 80 cities over ten years. Other countries with the highest number of rides recorded are Saudi Arabia (242 million) and Egypt (230 million).


The longest single ride covered 1,113 kilometers, from Riyadh to Jazan in Saudi Arabia in 2020. The shortest single ride was a 200 meter trip in Lahore.


The 1 billionth trip was completed in Qatar by Captain Captain Razak Uppattil from Kerala, India, who has been driving with Careem for four years and has completed over 10,500 trips on the platform. To celebrate this milestone, Careem gifted Captain Razak a trip to his home town in Kerala.

Careem customer Genera Tesoro.

Reaching the incredible milestone of 1 billion rides is thanks to the hard work of our Captains and colleagues as well as the trust that our customers have placed in us. We feel blessed to have made it easier for people to move around and to have created earning opportunities for more than 2.5 million people.–Mudassir Sheikha, CEO & Co-founder of Careem

The 1 billionth passenger was Genera Tesoro, a Careem customer from the Philippines who works as a receptionist at Padel In Aspire Zone in Doha. Genera completes more than 50 trips per month and says she chooses Careem because it is a more affordable option. Careem gifted Genera rides-hailing trips for one year as a token of appreciation.

Careem has more than 50 million registered customers, and 2.5 million registered Captains who have collectively earned over $4 billion in earnings to date. The highest number of trips recorded by a Careem Captain is 35,139 trips by a Captain in Jordan. The highest number of rides booked by a Careem customer is over 9,500 rides by a customer in Saudi Arabia.