Punjab’s Right to Information (RTI) Law explained


RTI (2)

Application Procedure

As explained in the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 you can file a Right to Information (RTI) request to any public body in Punjab. For this you need to make an application to a public information officer on an information request form or on plain paper.

DO NOT forget to collect receipt of the application as through this you can trace your application. Under this law it is also responsibility of a public body to make easily available to the public the information request form both in printed and electronic form!

You are not required to provide reasons for request for information and shall only be required to provide an adequate description of the information and the details necessary to provide the requisite information.

If an applicant is having difficulty making a request, including because he/she cannot describe the information in sufficient detail or because he/she is disabled or illiterate, the concerned public information officer shall provide reasonable assistance to the applicant.


“The public information officer shall respond to an application as soon as possible and in any case within fourteen working days, provided that this may be extended by a maximum of a further fourteen working days where this is necessary, including because the request requires a search through a large number of records or consultation with a third party or any other public body, but the public information officer shall provide the information relating to life or liberty of a person within two working days of the receipt of the application” and “Where the public information officer decides not to provide the information, he shall intimate to the applicant the reasons for such decision along with a statement that the applicant may file an internal review or a complaint against the refusal under this Act”, reads the RTI law.

For further information read this law in detail and visit website of the Punjab Information Commission.